jonathan pearlman

jonathan pearlman

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Goat Island looking south to Point Cartwright and the sweep of Queensland's Sunshine Coast at 1,000 feet.


Having waved our t'ras to dear, musty, groovy,funky and mostly cold Melbourne, we now find ourselves transplanted (yet again) in Daft- as-a-brush-Queensland. 

Ah, the sea, the sea.

Proud owners, too, of an aerial photography business which has a steep learning curve attached, fueled by that most noble of gases, Helium. Billy, our blimp, transports a Nikon D700 under his belly to dizzy heights which allows me to happily snap away at whatever the subject matter at hand. Houses, commercial buidlings, empty spaces in space - you name it, I'll shoot it.

The business, established a few years back, originally specialised in real estate photography both on the ground and at altitude; my aim, now, is to unspecialise this and concentrate on all manner of property imagery, but from the air.

I am in photography heaven - I get to play with a blimp and take photos for a living. Ocassionally, I get to shoot from helicopters.

The beach, the warm air, blimps and helicopters. Who would have thought?



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