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An exciting day: the second-hand polaroid back for my new medium format camera arrived. Here's a first image form both the camera (the Kiev 88cm) and the Polaroid back using Fuji instant film.

Shot at 1/60 @ f4 with lamp light to my left as the primary source, I love the texture and the richness of the blacks.The photo scanned and then processed in Photoshop 4, just slightly adjusting the curves. Otherwise, what you see is what I got from the instant film.

This is shot 4 - Mrs P, at this stage, had probably heard enough of my ramblings about how brilliant the back is and how I've always wanted to use instant film and how useful instant film will be and how amazing I can switch film types any time I want and ad nauseum..........

Now waiting for my second-hand lens from the Ukraine - wide angle (it's a 45mm lens, quite a decent degree of viewing, roughly the equivalent of a 18mm lens on a standard SLR camera) and a few extension rings for taking very close, close-ups.

My ebay spending days coming to a close! Damn.

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