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I flunked both math and arithmetic at high school; and well you might laugh, math being one (or a few other) things and arithmetic being a shorthand version of the former and intended as a study for non-numerical dummies such as myself. Strange, given my love and fascination for detail - any detail – to which I have an innate aversion to adding, subtracting, and dividing and all nomenclature associated with numbers. My hate and disdain for math is, singularly, the reason why I never became an Astronomer. 

Why do I wax so? Well, the image above - had i perchance seen it prior - would normally have sent my brain into free-fall, but I am blessed with children with abundance of generosity at xmas and birthdays and so found myself, two years or so ago, the proud owner of the Sekonic L398A light meter, shown here in all its number-crunching, exposure-dialing and EVness glory.

Here's a photographic confession: I am technically illiterate! Even after some 40 years I have to stop and really think hard about camera settings. Occasionally, I have to really concentrate on my f stops: does, I ask myself (for example), the lower f stop mean a wider or narrow aperture? If not, then which one is it? And if so, then what was my shutter speed again? You think I'm joking? Sometimes I feel imprisoned by my own number-dyslexia; thank the heavens for the sunny rule then!

So, onto my saviour - and as perplexing a gizmo as it may well be to someone like me, the Sekonic is both a boon and a handicap. It takes all the guess work out but also takes all the nervy fun out of all the guess work I put in. I might not know what the EV is for  250 secs @ f5.6 if it smacked me in the mouth, but I have so much fun guessing!

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