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There are, it seems, as many  photography competitions on the internet as there are stars in the sky. Go on, google 'photography competitions' and see how many there are. A veritable cluster of brightly lit invitations to fame and small fortune. 

Ah, the glittering prizes to those who have stout hearts. 

Who wouldn't want recognition, in cash or otherwise, for a well-crafted image? I know i would. But the thought of competing with so many others in any photography competition, legitimate or otherwise, fills my ego with dread. For the novelist, there's the fear of the rejection letter. For the photographer, there's the fear of the email announcing the finalists - and you don't feature. All those careful measurements for the frame and matt board that won't be any use now at the special exhibition showcasing the finalists. 

Not for me. I know my photographs are the best; they only have to compete with each other.


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