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Here is an image you were not meant to see, because I wasn't meant to be where I was when I took the picture!

Having nurtured the germ of the project which was to shadow my judge, I set about feeding ideas through and around my head. I came up with many, workable scenarios, one of which had me posing a bench of judges in their finery beneath a portrait of the first Chief Justice of Victoria, the wonderfully named William a Beckett  (there's an accent on the 'a' but can't find the stupid thing)

Having settled on a few ideas I set about seeking permission from the Court. The Court promptly knocked me back; the idea of chambers, any judge's chambers, being used for this sort of treatment was not acceptable and I was asked to re-think the shoot and re-submit.

You're probably wondering over what time span all this took place, and I'm really glad you asked.

From conception to planning to submission to knockback was around three months; it took me another two months to get a new proposal off the drawing board and into the hands of the judges.

And, thus was born the photo-essay that was to become an exhibition, soon to be a book and hopefully, one day, a musical. Simply, my project was to explore the Supreme Court through its finer detail and hidden nooks and crannies. When I was given permission, almost a year after I first saw my red-robed figure do battle with his copier, it was under the proviso that I was not allowed to photograph the judges' chambers, reading rooms, toilets (as if) or common rooms.

This brings me, neatly, to the image above. It is one of many corridors that only judges, associates, tip-staves, cleaners, secretaries and assorted maintenance staff ever get to see. That I found myself one day in such a place is testament to my unyielding immaturity. 
Show me a man at 57 (as I was then) and I will show you the boy. 

The photos in this photo are a collection of portraits of every Supreme Court judge ever too have graced the corridors; I took it surreptitiously and it has never seen the light of day, until now. It is our secret.

To be continued.....

Oh, the 'Blow-Up image? This for another blog.

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