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The book launch has been and gone, and with it so many memories of the Court which I will take with me on my soon-to-be- announced retirement. 

A wonderful gathering with delightful speeches by the Chief Justice, Marilyn Warren and author, Dr Sue Reynolds, officially set this gorgeous tome off on its maiden voyage. I was proud to be a very small but seemingly integral part of Sue's work, and even more so considering how many years her book was in the planning and in the research (which, incidentally, was originally, Sue's Doctoral dissertation).

Under strict instruction from Mrs P to resist wankery and self-backslapping, I found myself in excruciating pain early in the proceedings, biting down hard on my tongue, when Dr Reynolds was heaping praise upon my work! Anyone would have thought the book could only succeed with my photo of the library adorning the covers.

This is, after all, a brilliantly researched and beautifully written book concentrating on a very local, little known but incredibly important part of Melbourne's history.  A history of a much loved and treasured law library steeped in lore, located in a building which is at once awe-inspiring and brilliantly over-stated. A diamond, set fast in a ring of mediocre, modern architecture. It is also part history of one man who defined the early years of Melbourne and who made such an impact in his day that modern-day denizens of Melbourne cannot speak of its history without uttering Sir Redmond Barry's name. See what I mean?

Anyone who loves history and is keen to understand, in particular, Australian judicial history, should purchase this book.

As a bonus, you also get to see my photo paraded in a centre-spread! 



Ebay! Love it.

Regular listeners to this Blog will know that I am not particularly attuned to numbers and to things that add up but probably shouldn't. 

But, give me cables and wires and RCA plugs and DIN plugs and connectors, then I'm in heaven! Which, oddly enough, means I have a very good idea how to connect up VCR's (when they existed), CD players, DVD players and all manner of electrical and electronic things. A throw-back to my childhood I suppose, when I considered myself adept at dismantling any number of contraptions, gizmos and assorted household items. 

Putting them back together an entirely different story. 

I have just spent 8 hours of my life paying homage to a new member of the family. A refurbished computer which replaces old-celeron-faithful. Photoshop and its plug-ins groaned and creaked under the weight of an aging chip and made for some delicate memory-bending techniques on my part. 

But no more! This new pearlman-hybrid contains a speedy chip and gallons of memory with which to drink in negatives I scan on a regular basis. That it took so long to configure and cajole and to vet (it came with its own pack of viruses) is testament to my patience with number-crunching without really understanding how it comes together. 

If I can re-install Photoshop without an algorithm in sight, then I deserve numerical accolades.

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