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My own Atget......The pains of ebay.


A belated Father's Day gift from Number One son of a framed Atget print! Oh, the joy. 

This is a photo of 'Rue St Rustique' in Montmatre, and was shot in 1922. It's provenance as follows: the original was acquired in the late 1920's by Berenice Abbot and printed by her in 1956. Please click on the link for more inforomation. 
It's a wonderful photograph, Atget has captured the street  so beautifully, as was his prowess. There is also a wonderful play with the light - the sun was quite low off to his left, and through a side street it cast an amazing shadow of a tree onto the side of a house. It's as if Atget had someone paint the outline of the tree just to fool us!

A true genius.


Those who ocassionally read this blog will know that I am expecting a new medium format camera. I'm still waiting! And were it not for my enquiring mind and equally enquiring emails, would the trader have informed me that there was a two week delay due to some strange goings on with their mailing habits?

Needless to say, I have slapped a terrible review on ebay. I vote with my fingers!


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