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What is the shadowy figure at the end of the corridor?
The image above was taken with a pinhole camera using Kodak 400TX during a break on location at the shoot of my 'Victorian Haunting'  photo-essay.  It is one of 8 shots taken with the pinhole and the only one to survive during the developing stage this week; I am gutted, dear listener, as I recall setting off the camera a few times around the old Lands & Titles Office in Melbourne; some of the rooms were distinctly creepy and I was excited at the thought of a few atmospheric photos
Nevertheless, I am thrilled with this photo; it nicely articulates the basement area - gloomy and forbidding - where we had so much fun creating our Victorian lady-ghost. I don't remember any of the team being so far down the corridor at the time I took this. Maybe someone was down there and I simply forgot, but I doubt it.
I have exhausted ideas for project work; the Sunshine Coast, as lovely as it is, does not inspire me one jot. I can, I suppose, shoot the coastline - but who doesn't?
On the other side of the coin, the digital side of my photographic life, I have aerial photography. It's exhilarating to say the least; I love almost every hair-raising minute on location and get impatient to start processing what the camera collects for me so far above my head.
Our last job - William Street, Brisbane at 400 feet - raised enough hairs on my head to crochet a rug. At 35 metres a bizarre gust of wind took hold of Billy the Blimp and slammed him toward the roof of a neighbouring building. Quietly and calmly I allowed Billy's rope to slacken off before I pulled hard, reeling him back to a semblance of order.  
It's on shoots like this I yearn for the coast.

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