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One of my favourite photographers, Jonathan Critchley, once wrote how much he hated anyone to criticise his work. That, he said, was the sole reason why he wouldn't be a part of online photography forums. And I heartily concur.

They are an anathema to me; why, I wouldn't join any conversation that would have me as a contributor. I would rather stick tooth picks under my eye lids than post one of my photos on, say, flickr. Give me facebook 'likes' any day.


Talking of Jonathan Critchley: it reminds me of one of his articles in Black & White Photography, apropos crticism. At the opening night of one of his London exhibitions, he glanced at the gallery's visitors' book and spied this little gem:

'I do love your photographs, but wonder if they would perhaps look better in colour?'

Photography is a personal journey - for both photographer and viewer; we all take from the images whatever we find inside of them. 




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